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The Brief : “This project has been a joint UN project for the last 6 years, which has tried to address the specific challenges of HIV/ AIDS in the NE states of India. The NE states of India pose a unique challenge where the HIV/ AIDS epidemic is triggered by use of drugs through intravenous methods. Though this has been the only focus of the program for earlier programs for many years this particular program tried to look at the HIV /AIDS epidemic in a holistic manner thus a joint UN programming to look at various HIV AIDS challenges in the north east. We need to conceptualize an event that will communicate the achievement of this program and show how this has changed the approach to HIV AIDS programming in the NE part of India.”

We were approached to summarize the whole initiative into a one-day event with a fresh new Identity and also translate that identity into an exhibit where all their hard work of 6years can be showcased to the top notches of the UN Aids organization and its associates.