Pioneer Urban is a leading real estate company that has been a leading example in signifying luxurious living. Its latest addition in this quest is there new project ARAYA, in the heart of Gurgaon which promises to be unparalleled by any other luxury lifestyle projects. Araya is designed for the modern connoisseur, where residents and their guests experience an unparalleled lifestyle. It rises to achieve what has always eluded many – perfection. The clients brief of the exhibition space was in line with the Araya look and feel.

They wanted a burst of radiance from every corner that takes your breath away, as you absorb every fine detail that has been lovingly crafted for the customers. At the stall, our concept design application , specs and materials had a subtle yet high-end approach. The rules of the exhibition game were changed at both broad specifications level as well as minute, seemingly unimportant details.