BSC is an online portal who makes customized shirts as much or as little as you like. It’s a very clean and simple website where one can start from scratch with a fabric, pick from standard sizes or go made-to-measure. They wanted to bring awareness to the brand and showcase their unique product in malls and offices the brief was to create an enclosed space with all the features of the website available at a click of a button.

The kiosk had to have a display of all their swatches and an enclosed trial room where the customers could touch and feel the product as well as try it on and play an order on the spot. We also had a display area to showcase all the patterns of shirts and a steamer with an ipad and some storage. We gave the kiosk an old world uptight look and feel with suitable VM to match the mood of the kiosk. Also the kiosk had to be mobile compact and easy to dismantle and assemble – as they plan to showcase their creations at various locations for short durations of time.